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These days, nothing can be more confusing than what to eat for optimal health and a fit looking body. Externally, it's hard for us to filter out all the information on what's good for us. There are so many internal and external factors that make it impossible to have one solution for everyone. From our experiences with hundreds of people that we've worked with as well as hacking our own bodies day after day we understand how complicated it can be. 


Our program is based on 3 principles: food quality, food timing and behavior (the self-talk). You will go through different phases throughout 8 weeks, starting with Phase 1, the strictest of them all, designed to help your body get into a fat-burning mode. Most people are unable to run on fat and rely solely on carbs and sugar. Towards week 6, more “guilty” foods that include sugar and wheat are allowed for a sustainable eating habit. Eat clean 80% of the time and do whatever you like 20%. No calorie counting.
One of the keys to your success is simply commitment. This is why our programs are commitment-based: you pick a plan, track your commitment and if you stick to it we will give you 100.- cash back! This money-back-bonus is specifically designed to reward your commitmment and also reduces the risk on your side as results may vary from person to person. Pick your plan now:

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Keine Produkte

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